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Have you lived in Brighton, Leeds, Manchester or Plymouth? Do you have memories of their LGBTQ past? If you'd like to be part of the 'Queer beyond London' project by participating in an interview, please email us.


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    Back to Back in the Gay Village

    That we can’t tie a particular case or individual to these particular back to backs shouldn’t lead us to conclude that these houses or the people who lived there stood apart from surrounding queer dynamics. Read More »

I remember a true sense of Pride when I travelled down with a whole load of dykes from Newcastle to attend the Section 28 march in Manchester. My younger brother was here at university and joined me on the March in solidarity.

Cath Lesbians Come Together, Manchester, February 1988

The Lockyer became so famous that it bacame a coded term for discovering a person’s sexuality – by asking ‘do you know the Lockyer’s?'

I just think people in Brighton are very aware of gender-variance and they’ve given it the thoughts that other people around the country haven’t, it just seems to be more of an in-depth subject here, I think.

Sarah Brighton Trans*formed